Van Happen: Smart asset management in the waste processing industry

Van Happen Containers leases containers, provides transport services and has evolved from a pure waste collector to a circular supplier of raw materials. Van Happen wanted to expand on its position as the greenest waste processor around. But to do that, it needed to excel in managing assets and waste streams.

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'The growth potential of smart asset management is enormous'

- Leo Merks, CFO at Van Happen Containers -

‘By deploying KPN Things – a complete IoT solution that uses KPN’s LoRa network – we have found a cost-effective way to equip our assets with sensors and connect them to smart devices carried by our drivers and in our back office. Together with KPN, we are making more and more assets smarter, thanks to the Internet of Things. With KPN providing the connection, we can track and monitor our huge asset base in real time, in a way that is economically viable. Our data is also stored securely in KPN’s data centres in the Netherlands.’

‘We have around 11,000 operational aboveground containers on our customers’ premises. By making these smarter, we can see in real time where the containers are and how long they have been there – at just the push of a button. That makes the manufacturing process more transparent for the customer and reduces the administrative burden on our company.’

Integrated services from KPN

Thanks to the integrated IoT total solution, KPN Things, even more business assets can be monitored and tracked in real time and in an economically viable way. Van Happen’s smart asset base has now made services more efficient, transparent and cost-effective for the organisation, its partners and its customers.


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Internet of Things

With IoT solutions from KPN, you can collect, send and manage data safely and neatly, transforming your data into relevant insights with ease.

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