How Internet of Things will change your business

Discover how Internet of Thing of KPN can make your devices even smarter. With our IoT-solutions you collect, send and manage data in a secure and clear way. Moreover, you can easily use your data for every relevant insight. Curious how IoT can help your organisation? We are happy to discuss this with you.

Why choose Internet of Things from KPN?

  • Efficient operation processes
    Save time and money by making your operation processes smarter.
  • Improve customer experience
    Use information from your business processes to make your customers more loyal.
  • Seize new opportunities
    Generate extra revenue by using new insights for business development.

Take advantage with the building blocks of KPN IoT

Sensors, connectivity, data services, applications and security, those are the building blocks of a successful IoT project. Discover which IoT blocks your organisation needs. Do you need them all? Not a problem, you can also contact us for end-to-end solutions.


How our clients use Internet of Things

The right connectivity for your IoT solution at all times

With our complete package for nationwide IoT networks, KPN provides the right connectivity for any solution.

Want to know what IoT does for your organisation?

We'd love to help.