KPN Things

Take control of your IoT solutions so you can focus on your customers

The Internet of Things (IoT) is generating a wealth of data that you can use to make your business processes smarter, quicker and more efficient, or even develop new services and business models. But many businesses don’t know where to start.

How can you ensure that your IoT solutions are future-fit? How do you integrate your existing sensors? And how do you guarantee a reliable connection, secure data storage and a sufficient overview and insight into your data and devices? KPN Things offers you a flexible complete package to set up and manage all your IoT solutions quickly, simply and worry-free.

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The four pillars of KPN Things

KPN Things is an integrated package, consisting of hardware, connectivity and data services, allowing you to manage everything to do with your IoT solutions with ease.


KPN Things hardware

KPN Things uses devices we have selected ourselves which you can monitor, track and manage remotely. You can also connect your own devices to KPN Things.


KPN Things connectiviteit

Depending on the amount of data, energy usage and location, we use LoRa, LTE-M and M2M connectivity.

Data Services

KPN Things data services

These days, it’s all about making the data generated usable. With KPN Things, you have all the data services you need at your disposal.


KPN Things professional services

We help you to configure your own processes within KPN Things and develop any tailor-made applications you might need.

How our customers are using KPN Things

KPN Things
“The growth potential of smart asset management is enormous.”

- Leo Merks,
CFO of Van Happen Containers -

Together with KPN, Van Happen Containers is making more and more assets smarter thanks to the Internet of Things. With KPN providing the connection, we can track and monitor our huge asset base in real time, in a way that is economically viable. 

Why choose KPN Things?

KPN Things

✔ Rapid deployment

A turnkey package provided for a flat monthly fee, with optional professional services for tailor-made applications.

KPN Things

✔ Complete overview

A scalable and easy to integrate platforms, delivers insights into your connected devices.

KPN Things

✔ Reliability

Your data is stored securely at KPN’s data centres in the Netherlands.