The latest way of connecting IoT devices

The LTE-M network from KPN has been specially developed for Internet of Things applications and is based on the reliable and secure 4G network supplied by KPN. LTE-M coverage is stronger than the 2G networks provided by KPN. LTE-M can quickly send data in an energy-efficient way, which means that the option to use wireless Internet of Things applications at any location is within reach. 

LTE-M is suitable for a range of applications that currently operate with GPRS or 2G. Moreover, it is also suitable for applications that have not yet been upgraded to ‘smart’ applications. Examples of application options for LTE-M include smart meters, noise meters, soft drink vending machines and track & trace solutions. LTE-M may also be used in future in smart and sustainable energy networks and portable devices.

The right connectivity for your IoT solution at all times

With our complete package for nationwide IoT networks, KPN provides the right connectivity for any solution.

Choose LTE-M from KPN

  • Specially developed for the IoT
    Battery life up to 5 years, strong indoor coverage and voice support in future.

  • Affordable
    Cost-effective models based on 4G speeds in combination with our intelligent network make LTE-M an affordable wireless solution.
  • Continuous two-way data traffic
    For devices that require high data speeds, transfer large amounts of data and also receive large amounts of data for updates.

m2m connectivity

Free LTE-M Developer Kit

Receive full connectivity and connect your own hardware straight away.

  • Two LTE-M SIM cards with global coverage, 20MB data and access to full API for six months.
  • Access to the Jasper Control Center to manage your connections.
  • Support fromthe community.
Order your LTE-M Developer Kit

View the coverage of our LTE-M network with the LTE-M coverage checker *

KPN is always working on improving our LTE-M network. This way you will get to experience the same coverage everywhere in the Netherlands. The LTE-M coverage as shown in the coverage checker is based on a theoretical model. The LTE-M coverage may be subject to change.

LTE-M netwerk
  • 1 tot 300 kbit/s
  • 10 tot 300 kbit/s
  • 1 tot 300 kbit/s
  • 10 tot 300 kbit/s
  • 1 tot 300 kbit/s
  • 10 tot 300 kbit/s

The shown speeds are minimum speeds. This is 1 kbit/s for the edges on the green-coloured coverage map. The maximum speed in ideal circumstances lies around 300 kbit/s for half-duplex devices. Click here for more information.


The signal quality can be affected by various factors which include:  

-           The LTE-M device itself

-           The location of the device, indoor or outdoor, aboveground or underground

-           The amount of concurrent users using the LTE-M network

-           The distance between the device and the transmission tower

-           Obstacles between the device and the transmission tower such as walls or buildings