LoRa for your connected devices

LoRa stands for Long Range, Low Power. This Internet of Things connection has been specially developed to exchange small amounts of data between objects and systems. A single LoRa module can send more than 10 years’ worth of data using just two batteries. This provides an economical way to gain insights into the status of your ‘things’.

The possibilities of LoRa are endless. You can increase your efficiency or detect maintenance issues occurring in your ‘things’ ahead of time, thereby preventing any incidents – all thanks to the data collected.

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Why choose LoRa from KPN?

  • Cost-effective
    Thanks to the low complexity of an individual LoRa module, costs are kept to a minimum.
  • Accurate positioning
    The LoRa network can determine the position of a device with an accuracy of 50 to 150 metres.
  • Energy-efficient
    A module can send 15 years’ worth of data using just two batteries.

LoRa explained in one minute

KPN envisages a world where everything is wireless, opening up an array of opportunities. With LoRa, KPN has built up a network allowing as many things to be connected as possible. As the first provider covering the whole of the Netherlands, KPN has the experience to help you with your IoT solutions.

How our clients use LoRa

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Check the coverage of our LoRa network

KPN is working hard to expand our LoRa network, so you can enjoy the same coverage as our other mobile networks, wherever you are in the Netherlands. The LoRa coverage checker provides a rough indication of coverage. KPN is currently developing the LoRa roaming abilities which will become available in 2018. Actual LoRa coverage may vary.

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