Hall of Fame

Since May 2018 KPN-CERT maintains a public list of people who have helped contribute to the security of KPN. In addition to thanking the people listed below, we would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who helped us make KPN a safer place but prefer to stay anonymous.


•Sagar Yadav

•Ashish Upsham

•Rick Verdoes

•Danny de Weille


•Athul Jayaram


•Ennio Campagna

•Florian Overkamp


•Maarten Wullink

•Martin Hermens

•Mohammed Israil

•Thomas Dons

•Simon Horman

•Victor Julien

•Roberto Zanga

•Sergen Koç

•Christopher Simmelink

•Ratnadip Gajbhiye

•Erik de Jong


•Prial Islam

•Alwin Warringa

•Yassine Nafiai

•Nikhil Sahoo

•Ipsita Subhadarshan Sahoo

•Thomas van Voorst

•Wilhelm-Jan Stiny

•Damian Ebelties

•Chirag Gupta

•Martin Hermens

•Sagar Yadav

•Saubhagya Srivastava

•Tarun Mahour

•Raghunadha Reddy Poli


•Roberto Zanga


•Marvin van Walstijn

•Mohammad Abdullah

•Martijn Baart


•Shauib Oladigbolu

If you have contributed to the safety of KPN and you are not on this list but want to be, please contact us with a corresponding ticket number.