Omdia: 5G lancering door KPN is een goed voorbeeld voor andere Europese operators

De lancering van 5G door KPN wordt geprezen door Omdia, een internationaal onderzoeks- en adviesbureau (voorheen bekend als Ovum). Volgens Omdia is de lancering van 5G door KPN een goed voorbeeld voor andere Europese operators. Ook stelt Omdia dat KPN in vergelijking met andere operators een slimmere aanpak heeft laten zien binnen de zakelijke markt en toonaangevend is op het gebied van kwaliteit.

(The launch of 5G by KPN has received praise by Omdia, an international research and advisory company (formerly known as Ovum). According to Omdia, the launch of 5G by KPN is a great example for other European operators. Also, Omdia states that KPN has demonstrated a smarter approach to enterprise 5G compared to other operators and is leading on quality.)

  • KPN, which went live with 5G on July 28, demonstrates a smarter approach to enterprise 5G that reflects prevailing customer needs. It is leading on quality: offering application priority, guaranteed bandwidth, and a blend of indoor and outdoor 5G coverage on demand, emphasizing that its offers are for all sizes of enterprise. *

  • While network KPIs will arrive when there is good news to share, their absence hasn’t stopped operators in Europe from pushing ahead with launches, and KPN’s is a great example of how operators should do so.**

  • At launch, KPN will also offer business customers 5G-only services such as coverage on demand and guaranteed bandwidth, capabilities that clearly differentiate 5G for enterprises and which could give KPN an early advantage over rivals in that market.**

*) Omdia, “Enterprise 5G: Telcos are fighting the wrong battle”, Camille Mendler, 31 juli, 2020.

**) Omdia, “Amid silence on 5G uptake in Europe, KPN shows 5G launch best practice”, Paul Lambert, 27 juli, 2020.

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