Internet of Things

Let your devices do the work

The new online revolution is known as the Internet of Things(IoT). KPN's IoT solutions collect, send and manage data in a safe, clear way and easily reshape your data into relevant insights.

KPN has helped hundreds of organizations worldwide to apply this technique. These organizations work more efficiently, save costs and offer more value to their customers.

Due to our excellent roaming capacity and over 600 telecom operators (standard is 150), KPN can always offer international companies the best network for the best price. This is known globally as 'steering of roaming'.

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KPN Things: Grip on your IoT solutions

Internet of Things generates a wealth of information that helps make your business processes smarter, faster and more efficient. Or develop new services and business models. But getting started with IoT is a challenge for many companies. How do you ensure your IoT solutions are future-proof? How do you integrate existing sensors? And how do you ensure a reliable connection, secure data storage as well as sufficient overview and insight into your data and devices? KPN Things offers you a flexible total package that lets you quickly and easily organize and manage all your IoT solutions.


Quick start

A ready-to-go package for a fixed cost per month. The possibility of professional services for tailor-made applications.

KPN Things

Total overview

Insights into all your connected devices and solutions. Scalable and easy to integrate with own systems.

KPN Things


The security of your data is ensured, safely stored in Dutch KPN data centres.

LoRa for your Connected Devices

LoRa is the IoT connectivity for devices which consume very little power and send small packets of data. These devices can operate for up to 15 years on just two batteries. This enables the use of affordable wireless sensors, which give insights into the usage of ‘things’. The collected data opens new possibilities. For example: a temperature sensor on every bridge will help predict and prevent malfunctioning when the outdoor temperature rises.


Cost efficient

The costs are reduced to a minimum due to the low complexity of a single LoRa module.


Accurate positioning

The LoRa network can determine the position of the device with an accuracy of 50 to 150 metres.


Energy efficient

One module can send 15 years of data on only 2 batteries.

LoRa developer kit

Experience LoRa for free

It is essential for developers to understand LoRa and the platform. That’s why KPN offers 10 LoRa connections (keys) so that you can become familiar with the connection and manage the messages.

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M2M-connectivity for your Globally Connected Devices

M2M is the abbreviation for machine-to-machine communication. KPN enables your assets to communicate with other assets, people and your IT infrastructure. KPN’s global roaming contracts with international telecom operators ensure that you get the best price for international IoT coverage, using M2M connectivity. When compared to its competitors, KPN has 50% more roaming contracts with other telecom operators to ensure the best connectivity worldwide.


Best available network

M2M connectivity uses the best available network using a non-steered roaming SIM.


Dedicated M2M team

Our customers appreciate our support and availability, giving us an average score of 8.1.


Save international costs

Pay local rates by converting your international M2M SIM card to our local partners.

Free M2M Developers Kit

Package includes:

  • Two free M2M SIM cards with 20MB for global use
  • Full and free access to Cisco Jasper Control Center to manage your connectivity
  • Professional and personal support from KPN

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KPN M2M-connectivity managed by the Cisco Jasper Control Centre

With this platform, you will have the necessary tools to manage a large number of subscribers and the associated costs. Whether you want to deploy thousands or even millions of SIM cards, the Cisco Jasper Control Centre always gives you a complete overview of your portfolio and will take action if there are irregularities.

Advantages of Cisco Jasper Platform:

  • Manage usage of SIM by simple rules
  • Manage the life cycle of your IoT SIM connection
  • Built-in fraud prevention in case SIM is stolen


Our partners in IoT

KPN also teams up with partners, reselling the KPN IoT portfolio. We are proudly working together with these companies, growing the international customer base of KPN and helping international clients with their international challenges.

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