Internet of Things

The indispensable link

How can entrepreneurship become more efficient, more sustainable and safer? Discover KPN's Internet of Things. Read all about connectivity, M2M, LoRa, workshops, services and partnerships, smart solutions, initiatives and knowledge-sharing. Partnerships and connectivity make KPN the indispensable link in the Internet of Things (IoT).


M2M connectivity


With KPN's M2M connectivity, you can track any object in real-time and zoom in on any detail you like.



LoRa exchanges small amounts of information between low-energy objects and systems.

Workshop Internet of Things

IoT Workshop

Want to find out how the Internet of Things can benefit your business? Sign up for an IoT workshop.

Locate by KPN

Discover how Locate by KPN can help you locate your mobile business assets in a quick, innovative and reliable way.


KPN created a unique ecosystem for the Internet of Things together with its partners and end users.

CloudNL infrastructure services

Benefit from the many possibilities cloud services have to offer with KPN solutions like CloudNL, SaaS, IaaS and Private Connect. This page is in Dutch.


smart cities

Smart Cities

Smarten up your city by working more efficiently and saving money with KPN's Internet of Things. This page is in Dutch.

smart healthcare

Smart Healthcare

KPN's Internet of Things contributes to improved patient safety and more efficient healthcare practices. This page is in Dutch.

smart utilities

Smart Utilities

The Internet of Things can help utilities companies become safer, more efficient and more customer-oriented. This page is in Dutch.

Video: A brighter future with the Internet of Things

KPN believes that new technologies help us change the way we live and work, thereby improving our quality of life. Technology allows us to connect everything to the Internet.

Watch the video for more information.

Whitepaper: KPN and the Internet of Things

Everything and everybody connected. From smart street lighting to the connected cow. Internet of Things changes our society drastically. KPN explores the many possibilities, opportunities and applications of smart technology in this whitepaper.

Download the whitepaper

Infographic: LoRa by KPN

LoRa is the next step in connectivity for the Internet of Things. In 2020, roughly 25 billion objects will be connected to the internet. LoRa’s long-range connectivity is an important catalyst for the Internet of Things. Download the infographic for more information.

The infographic is in Dutch.

Download the infographic

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