Internet of Things

Let your devices do the work

There’s a new digital revolution and it’s called the Internet of Things (IoT). With IoT solutions from KPN, you can collect, send and manage data safely and comprehensibly, transforming your data into relevant insights with ease.

KPN has helped hundreds of organisations the world over to make this technology work for them – organisations that are now working more efficiently, saving costs and offering their customers added value as a result.

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How our clients use Internet of Things

KPN Things: the total IoT solution

IoT solutions can be a real minefield for businesses. KPN Things offers you a flexible complete package, with a single, clearly laid-out online environment to set up and manage all your IoT solutions quickly, simply and worry-free. 

KPN Things

The right connectivity for your IoT solution at all times

With our complete package for nationwide IoT networks, KPN provides the right connectivity for any solution.


4G Machine-to-Machine (M2M) provides connectivity for IoT applications that require a lot of bandwidth and rapid data transfers, such as cars and security cameras. Because it is connected to the mains, no battery is required. 

LTE-M is suitable for devices including smart meters, mobile payment terminals and vending machines. Despite the high bandwidth, LTE-M batteries last between two and five years. 

The LoRa network delivers connectivity for sensor applications, such as temperature and track-and-trace sensors. These sensors are known for their long battery life and low bandwidth usage.