To assure the quality of vaccines, B Medical Systems sought a global and reliable partner who could help them track and monitor their vaccine refrigerators.

B Medical Systems: Smart vaccine refrigerator provides people with life-saving medicines worldwide

B Medical Systems specializes in lifesaving cold chain equipment for safely storing and transporting vaccines around the world. Using KPN’s connectivity for Internet of Things, B Medical Systems developed a logger which supplies a worldwide traceability system and allows for realtime monitoring of the condition of the vaccines.

Customer reference B Medical Systems

About B Medical Systems

'We needed a reliable partner and this is what we found in KPN'

- Luc Provost, CEO at B Medical Systems -

‘Reliability is vital to us because human lives are at stake and therefore it was critical to choose a partner who could meet this demand. We found that KPN has a human approach in terms of its organization. We were speaking to specialists who understood our problems and challenges. KPN connected us with a supplier of sensors and provides us with the best worldwide IoT connectivity with non-steered roaming in its class. This is crucial to our business as it supports our desire to track and monitor the vaccine refrigerators realtime in transit, assuring the quality of the medicines.’

Integrated services from KPN

Thanks to the smart logger B Medical Systems can safely and securely transport vaccines to their international destinations, enhancing the quality of care and life of children worldwide.


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