Incident types and level of support

KPN-CERT is authorized to address all types of computer security incidents which occur or threaten to occur at KPN.

Co-operation and interaction and Disclosure of Information

KPN-CERT is a member of different intelligence sharing communes and works closely together with CERT/CSIRT teams worldwide. KPN-CERT also maintains relations with legal parties, through KPN Security.

There are legal restrictions on the flow of information from KPN-CERT, as well as policies from KPN, all of which (in this order) are respected. All appropriate measures will be taken to respect the confidentiality of members and systems of our constituency as well as groups of people and organizations. We will not provide any personal or technical information regarding customers, adherence the law.

Communication and authentication

Communication occurs by various means, such as telephone, e-mail and in person. The trustworthiness of the communicating entity will be tested through the resources available to the CERT.