Smart farms choose IoT

The IoT empowers farmers to optimise the quality, sustainability and efficiency of their operations. So they can gain greater insight into the health of their crops. It enables them to monitor the health of their livestock and ascertain whether driverless farm vehicles can work the land.

KPN and the IoT chain for farms

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Sensors collect data on weather, soil moisture and soil quality from the field.

smart farming


The data is transmitted via LoraWAN, LTE M or M2M from KPN.

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Data services

The data is then linked to the farm management systems via a data plug.

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IoT applications

The data is, if desired, converted into information in the form of applications.

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For sensor companies

As a sensor company you want a trouble-free wireless connection in the field. With KPN’s IoT connectivity, you can be sure your sensors will always have a good connection, also internationally. What’s more, your sensors are easy to activate using our IoT app. Want to find out more?

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smart farming

For cooperatives

As a cooperative you want to know which harvest and yield you can expect. We help cooperatives fulfil part of this need for information through our IoT solutions. Want to discover how IoT can make your cooperative smarter? We’ll be pleased to help you.

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Sow, growth, harvest and storage

KPN has started a collaboration with IoF2020 to bring Smart Farming to the attention of the people in the Netherlands. In this four-part series ‘sowing, growing, harvesting and storage’, farmer Jacob talks about his experiences with Smart Farming.


In part 1 'sowing', farmer Jacob shows how he determines how and where he paws potatoes on the basis of a soil scan.


In part 2 'growth', farmer Jacob shows how he uses soil sensors to measure the humidity in the ground and to determine the amount of watering.


In part 3 'harvest' you can see how farmer Jacob is harvesting his potatoes. The information of all fields corresponds to the location of the potatoes.

Selling the harvest

In part 4 “selling the harvest” Farmer Jacob shows how he uses the collected data of his potato harvest, to sell his harvest. Farm Frites, a manufacturer that produces fries, also uses this data to smoothen the production proces.

smart farming

IoF2020 has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 731884

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Suppliers in the agricultural sector take major strides in digitally transforming their agribusinesses.

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