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Global SD-WAN

Global SD-WAN is a service of KPN International, which is based on Software Defined Networking (SDN). Together with our partner ngena (Next Generation Enterprise Alliance) KPN offers a global SD-WAN network. Wherever your branches are, KPN can integrate them and deploy additional network services such as firewalls.

MPLS (E-LAN, E-LINE, Ethernet & IP VPN)

The KPN International MPLS solution is a fully managed service platform, combining multiple services over a single access line. It delivers maximum security, maximum scalability and maximum flexibility at maximum cost efficiency. Your employees gain reliable access to video conferencing, collaboration tools, and to private or shared cloud-based services. KPN International also offers Ethernet VPN capability and is available in two “flavors”: the versatile E-LAN option and the high performance E-Line proposition. Both are offered as Ethernet over MPLS, and are therefore fully protected connections, compliant with the Metro Ethernet Forum standards.

IBS - Internet Business VPN Solutions

Internet Business VPN is a secure virtual private customer network. Built as an overlay network on top of any existing network access technology enabling the customer to create an any to any network or point-to-point network topology. Customers can choose, if they use their own internet connection or order one from KPN international, depending on their business requirements. Making this proposition a perfect balance between value for money and quality.

Network Performance Reporting

You can gain instant intelligence on incidents, on one hand, and build the big picture for planning and analysis, on the other. Clarity is critical, and KPN International delivers all reporting through a unified Performance Center. This intelligence is key to minimizing WAN costs.

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