Because there is always a functioning AED present, HartveiligWonen’s community responders can get to the scene faster and thus save more lives.

Medizon: Smart AEDs increase the chances of survival in the event of acute heart failure

Medizon imports and installs AEDs in the Netherlands and continuously works on optimising the use of these life-saving devices. It is vitally important that AEDs work without fail. Medizon went on the hunt for digital opportunities to monitor AED cabinets online and in real time.

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About Medizon

'After 6 minutes, the chance of surviving a cardiac arrest are zero'

- Marcus Flipsen, Director at Medizon -

‘Each year 17,000 people in the Netherlands suffer a cardiac arrest. In the event of acute heart failure, it is critical to act quickly by attempting resuscitation or defibrillation. The chances of survival decrease by 10% after every minute. After six minutes, the chances of survival are zero. An ambulance takes an average of 10 to 15 minutes to arrive at the scene, which is too long to save someone in a cardiac arrest. That’s why we depend on community responders.’

Medizon imports and implements AEDs in the Netherlands, and continuously works on the optimization of the deployability of this life-saving equipment.

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