KPN and ANWB developed the 'Keep Cycling Insurance' with innovative track & trace function, which means that a stolen bicycle can now be traced quickly.

ANWB: Co-creation with KPN leads to innovative concept that guarantees ANWB customers can keep cycling

As an ANWB insurance company, Unigarant is the market leader in bicycle insurance, and provides support if the bike breaks down or is damaged. The rising number of insurance claims for stolen bikes calls for innovative service models. How can technology contribute to recover stolen bikes?


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About ANWB

'Innovation is the art of asking the right question'

- Marin Roos, Director of innovation at ANWB -

‘Bike owners must feel confident that they can lock their bikes and leave them anytime, anywhere. As a market leader in bicycle insurance, we’re always on the lookout for innovative concepts, preferably ones with a social impact. We wanted to introduce a concept to guarantee cyclists can keep cycling. That was our goal when we teamed up with KPN. The result is the ANWB ‘Keep Cycling Insurance’; an insurance that guarantees to recover and return stolen bikes to their owners.’

‘The cooperation arose because there was a clear match between the rising value of bicycles (thanks to e-bikes), the increasing theft of more expensive bikes, and the new possibilities offered by connectivity via KPN’s LoRa network. ‘Keep Cycling Insurance’ is the amazing result of a unique partnership between the two parties: close cooperation from the very first idea through to the end product.’

Integrated services from KPN

KPN and ANWB developed the ‘Keep Cycling Insurance’ with an innovative track & trace function, so stolen bikes can be traced quickly. Bike owners take out insurance with the bicycle dealer. If their bike is stolen, they activate recovery using an app. The stolen bike is recovered and returned to the owner within 48 hours.


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