Smart City Breda makes safety around New Year’s Eve manageable with smart sound measuring

Breda wants to increase the city’s liveability and safety by putting information-led ways of working into effect. IoTapplications yield data that supports this policy. Breda wants to enforce the ban on lighting fireworks more effectively and searched for instruments that measure fireworks explosions accurately and objectively.


Customer reference Breda City Council

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Daan Quaars Gemeente Breda
‘In Breda, we increasingly look at safety in an information-led way’

- Daan Quaars, Municipal Executive Councillor at Breda City Council -

Daan Quaars: ‘Society as a whole is digitalising more and more, and Breda too is getting savvier by the day. We make our processes more efficient with technology, for example by using sensors to gather objective measurements. Our ultimate goal is to increase liveability and safety in the city.’

‘Carrying out the fireworks policy by using sensors is only one of many applications of sound measuring. We also use sound measuring when there are events in the city. Sound measuring via LTE-M is used to map out the disturbances and keep tabs on permits. The diversity of this technical solution ensures that implementing such solutions is economically feasible.’

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Vuurwerkoverlast gemeente Breda

Internet of Things (IoT)-solution provider Munisense has developed a system for sound monitoring with sensors on the roofs of institutions. The system detects where fireworks are detonated and does so rapidly, effectively and with great accuracy. The sensors are connected to KPN’s LTE-M network.


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