Scorpion Automotive: Thatcham approved vehicle security and tracking solutions offer maximum accuracy and reliability to give their customers peace of mind

Scorpion requires total reliability and pin-point accuracy from their wireless network connectivity provider. They also need excellent geographical coverage and quick response. KPN offers Scorpion constant roaming non-steered SIM cards supplied by M2M Intelligence and the M2M Insight platform that provides real time visibility and control of the SIM estate.

About Scorpion Automotive

‘KPN SIM's make a massive improvement to geographical coverage’

- Carl James, Marketing Manager at Scorpion Automotive-

Vehicles equipped with ScorpionTrack Stolen Vehicle Tracking systems are protected 24/7 with their location and status constantly known. Scorpion’s dedicated team spring into action when a vehicle is stolen, keeping track in real-time and alerting the police of the vehicle’s location. Carl James explains: ‘We have an enviable success rate and regularly locate and facilitate recovery of many vehicles in less than one hour of their theft. The vast majority of vehicles are returned with no or minimal damage. Our level of success could not be attained without a positive relationship with the police. The police know Scorpion, they have faith in our technology andin a theft situation, our 24/7 tracking team work intensely with the appropriate police force on the ground.

Integrated services by KPN

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The relationship between us and our SIM provider is key, and we are very happy with KPN, M2M Intelligence, and their solutions. M2MIntelligence and KPN will continue to be an integral part of everything we do in the tracking arena.


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M2M connectivity allows machines, objects and people to exchange real-time information with systems and applications. KPN offers the most reliable, secure and comprehensive range of M2M networks, such as 2G, 3G and 4G.

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