GoTEK7: global specialist in asset tracking wants to help its clients track their goods anywhere in the world

GoTEK7’s devices are used all over the world. International roaming should always work, everywhere in the world; from Burkina Faso to Uruguay and Uzbekistan. Even in remote areas connectivity exceeds the coverage of other service providers and even local providers often can’t match KPN’s performance.

About GoTEK7

‘KPN may be a bit more pricier but by paying a little bit more money, you'll save a lot in the long run’

- Gavin Teale, Support Director at GoTEK7 -

‘We’re very positive and will continue to buy more and more KPN SIM cards for all the reasons I stated before’, Teal says. GoTEK7 expects to more than double its already large installed base of KPN SIMs over the next year.

Teale: ‘I’d like to add: a lot of KPN’s competitors try to scrape 5 cents off their price, but for us, and our customers, it’s all about performance. KPN should keep improving on that, because our clients don’t mind paying a bit more for great performance.’ It’s something KPN should always keep in mind, Teale feels. ‘We’re now looking at their Push-to-Talk options, because we heard great things about it, and anticipate that market will be enormous.

Integrated services by KPN

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'Our experiences with KPN SIM cards have opened our eyes to all innovations they may be able to offer in the near future, so let’s continue and see where it will take us. We’re excited!’


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M2M connectivity allows machines, objects and people to exchange real-time information with systems and applications. KPN offers the most reliable, secure and comprehensive range of M2M networks, such as 2G, 3G and 4G.

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