GETEMED: a frontrunner in cardiological diagnostics, uses wireless connectivity for more accurate diagnoses

KPN provides IoT-connectivity with global roaming SIM cards for use in the GPRS module of the PhysioMem PM 100, allowing devices to send information on cardio activity.


‘The connection needed to be stable, reliable and to work all over the world’

- Tilo Borchardt, Branch Manager at GETEMED -

When GETEMED started the development of the PhysioMem PM 100, the company decided to incorporate mobile communications, based on experiences with earlier products. To avoid mistakes or manipulations, one of the requirements was that the end user, the patient wearing the device, couldn’t replace the SIM card or access the data.

Integrated services by KPN

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In the three years KPN and GETEMED have been working together, IoT-connectivity has been reliable, safe and stable.


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M2M connectivity allows machines, objects and people to exchange real-time information with systems and applications. KPN offers the most reliable, secure and comprehensive range of M2M networks, such as 2G, 3G and 4G.

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