DHL: Worldwide focus on innovative city logistics from Dutch soil

'Globalization, urbanization and the growth of e-commerce, are creating increasing crowds in cities.', says Kees de Lange, VP of Operations at DHL.

'Smart and sustainable distribution of parcels in the inner cities and residential areas therefore has our full attention. We have the ambition to operate all city centers in an emission-free manner by 2025.'

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About DHL

'In 2025 we want to serve all city centers without any emissions'

- Kees de Lange, VP Operations at DHL -

DHL is the market leader in logistic services and offers customers in more than 220 countries sustainable logistic services and solutions.

'The Cubicycle is a four-wheel recumbent bicycle with an interchangeable container of a cubic meter size. Somewhere in the city, a trailer is placed with four containers. Here, the bicycle courier can change the containers during the day. Because the containers and the trailer are connected via KPN's LoRa network, we are able to monitor the Cubicycle and its content in real-time. This is how we create a managed but unmanned 'city hub'. That is the innovative aspect of this concept.'

Integrated services by KPN

With the Cubicycle DHL distributes smarter and more sustainable parcels in the city. In addition, this innovation contributes to the liveability of the city in city logistics.


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