DHL: Eyes of the world fall on smart urban logistics in the Netherlands

DHL is the world’s leading brand in logistics. Globalisation, urbanisation and the growth of e-commerce are making congestion worse in cities. Even in the Netherlands. To help with going emissions-free and operating efficiently in all city centres in the Netherlands by 2025, DHL went on the hunt for sustainable innovations in urban logistics.

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'We aim to go emissions-free in all city centres in the Netherlands by 2025”'

- Kees de Lange, VP Operations at DHL -

“The Cubicycle is a four-wheeled recumbent bike, fitted with a detachable container with a capacity of one cubic metre. A trailer carrying four of these containers is placed in city centres. Here, the bike courier can change the containers throughout the day. Since the bikes, containers and the trailer are connected to KPN’s LoRa network, we are able to monitor the Cubicycle in real time. That way, we are creating a managed yet unmanned ‘city hub’. That is the innovative feature of the concept.”

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One of DHL’s developments is the Cubicycle, an agile electric cargo bike with detachable containers, which can be tracked and managed remotely thanks to KPN’s LoRa network. This way, DHL can distribute packages around the city in a smarter and more sustainable way. In addition, this innovation in urban logistics enhances the quality of life in the city.


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