Connect your organisation with realtime information

The KPN Data Services Hub is a platform-as-a-service offering the capability to respond to relevant developments directly, with data. Real-time information exchange lies at the very core of the KPN Data Services Hub. The platform is multi-tenant, letting you easily create entities that can work with your existing data, like departments, suppliers or partners. For example, you can share relevant information with colleagues, suppliers and manufacturing and production environments. You can even share information with your competitors. You retain control over competitive or business-sensitive information because all environments are separated from each other and remain underthe owner’s management, but you can certainly share your information. This protects that information, while you benefit from the powerful added value of data sharing and cooperation, both inside and outside your organisation.

The KPN Data Services Hub
explained within Talking Traffic

One of the key project in which the KPN Data Services Hub is used is Talking Traffic. We have the ambiton to improve the accessibility, flow, safety and overall quality of life of the Netherlands. We are doing this by connceting roadside systems and drivers in realtime with data. Get inspired by watching this video and click here to continue reading on this project.

Who benefits from
the KPN Data Services Hub

IT Business Owners
Support autonomous team without losing control of your data flows and to downgrade your security and scalability requirements

Application Developers
Integrate realtime information flows into your application en facilitated bidirectional interaction

Data Scientists
Develop informationproducts in the streaming framework of chouse and release new version at the scale and pace of your choise using the selfservice tooling

Data Engineers and Data owners
Connect data sources once secure and at scale providing the feed towards multiple audience in a controlled matter under your conditions


Why choose KPN Data Services Hub?

  • Innovation accelerator
    Gain 2 years of innovation acceleration by using our managed service instead of developing a platform yourself
  • Efficient
    Spend your scarce R&D skills on capturing the value of realtime events instead of non-competitive work as a platform build and maintenance
  • Team up with your partners
    Collaborate with your partners while maintaining control of your end-to-end information flows
  • Cost saving
    Rationalize your platform investments by investing once in a generic information backbone

Applications of the KPN Data Services Hub

Are you curious about what the KPN Data Services Hub can mean for your organisation?

We’d be happy to help you find out.