Harnessing the power of Smart Agriculture

Smart farms choose IoT

The IoT empowers farmers to optimise the quality, sustainability and efficiency of their operations. So they can gain greater insight into the health of their crops. It enables them to monitor the health of their livestock and ascertain whether driverless farm vehicles can work the land.

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Sow, growth, harvest and storage

KPN has started a collaboration with IoF2020 to bring Smart Farming to the attention of the people in the Netherlands. In this four-part series ‘sowing, growing, harvesting and storage’, farmer Jacob talks about his experiences with Smart Farming.

Van den Borne Potatoes tests the applicability of Smart Farming

"Farming is all about moving with the times"

Jacob van den Borne is testing the benefits of the various LoRa sensors on his farm. He’s doing this in collaboration with KPN’s sensor partners.

KPN connectivity solutions: LoRa for Smart Farming

LoRa is a Long Range, Low Power IoT connection. It’s been specially developed to exchange small amounts of information between objects and systems. And the possibilities are endless.

  • Always up-to-the-minute data
    Monitor the quality of the air, soil and crops anytime, anywhere
  • Suitable for large areas
    Covering agricultural areas across the Netherlands
  • 10-year battery life
    LoRa uses only 2 AA batteries, making it exceptionally energy-efficient

KPN partners with sensor experts

"KPN believes it’s important to work very closely with the sensor suppliers"

Just Hut, KPN Networks & IT

Partners embrace LoRa connectivity for their Smart Farming sensors

Farmers have a growing need for up-to-the-minute information from the field. KPN helps sensor suppliers connect their sensors via LoRa. As a result manufacturers can provide their customers with a stable network, low monthly fees and nationwide coverage. This gives farmers the insight they need to create impact.

KPN Connectivity: M2M for Smart Farming

M2M (machine-to-machine) connectivity lets your farm machinery communicate with other machines, people and your IT infrastructure. This connectivity allows for remote data transmission and even remote operation.

  • High network quality
    Nationwide coverage in the Netherlands, including rural areas
  • International netwerk
    KPN always selects the international network with the strongest signal and consequently the best M2M reach
  • Designated M2M team
    A team of technical experts helps sensor manufacturers and other suppliers decide on optimum M2M solutions

Connecting vehicles using M2M

M2M has already been adopted on a large scale by industry leaders in the food and agribusiness, including Topcon Tierra and 06-gps.

With M2M, machinery operators have real-time access to equipment maintenance data. Its possible to pinpoint the location of a vehicle and see what land needs fertilization. The most recent excavation information can be shown and smart application of GPS correction data is possible.

M2M means agricultural machinery will soon be able to work the land completely autonomously. That's how M2M makes agriculture smarter.

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Smart Farming

Smart Farming LoRa KPN

Optimum business operations through optimum data management

KPN provides the agricultural sector with support in order to be able to manage data properly. It is, for example, possible to make IoT data available via the KPN Things platform in a dashboard. It is also opens the opportunity to process large data sets with Hadoop for instance. And managing access to data from external data sources can also be managed via the Data Services Hub.

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Want to become a Smart Farm too?

Suppliers in the agricultural sector take major strides in digitally transforming their agribusinesses.

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