Internet of Things partners

A unique partner ecosystem

KPN has created a unique ecosystem for the Internet of Things together with its partners, clients and end users. This ecosystem ensures that the right expertise is always available in all phases and for the entire chain.

Solution providers
We work with various solution providers, each with their own fields of expertise, to provide you and your organization with valuable IoT applications and unique solutions.

Business resellers

Our business resellers know which IoT applications will give you a competitive edge in your industry and will inspire you with creative ideas for your organization.

System integrators
System integrators are dedicated to seamlessly integrating IoT applications within your existing IT infrastructure.

Roaming partners
More than 500 roaming partners ensure the optimum global connectivity of your IoT applications.

RDM Makerspaces
This IoT testing ground gives organizations, solution providers and system integrators the opportunity to brainstorm and experiment with IoT possibilities.

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Internet of Things Business Partners

We work with recognized business partners in the Netherlands on machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity.

SIMPoint M2M within reach


Simpoint is the fastest-growing M2M provider and has more than twenty years of experience in the field of machine-to-machine communication. We draw on this experience to help you solve complex problems and translate them into profitable business cases. We offer a transparent model that is fully tailored to your needs.

M2M Services

M2M Services

M2M Services is a leading specialist in the field of machine-to-machine solutions in the Netherlands. The team gives its clients an edge thanks to their clear and transparent work method. M2M Services can provide your company with reliable solutions and well-managed machine-to-machine services at competitive rates.

new line connecting business

New Line Mobile

New Line Mobile is a leading and reliable specialist in the field of machine-to-machine services in the Netherlands. If you're looking for local or global machine-to-machine connectivity, security or reliability, New Line Mobile has it all. They offer the simple and high-quality services you need to change the way you compete, both now and in the future.

Internet of Things solution Partners

KPN works with expert partners on machine-to-machine solutions that help you build your hardware, deliver the best modules and integrate solutions with your back-end.

Gemalto, security to be free


Building and launching a successful communication device requires more than connectivity alone. A communication service consists of different components that all work together seamlessly. One challenge is to answer questions about the lifecycle and the right business model for a service, along with the necessary warranty, security and privacy issues. Another is to determine the shortest time-to-market. We partnered with Gemalto to create a range of services that address these issues.

Jasper Technologies

Jasper Technologies

Jasper Technologies, Inc is a pioneer in cloud-based platforms for the Internet of Things and a key player in the service and IT markets. The Jasper Platform offers companies and mobile network operators the opportunity to successfully implement IoT services on a global scale. Jasper partners have connected millions of devices, with nineteen mobile operator groups representing over a hundred network affiliates around the world. KPN found the ideal partner in Jasper Technologies, Inc to connect customers through the most reliable online platform.

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