LTE-M connectivity

LTM-E is the next-gen connectivity to support the IoT

LTE-M is the perfect way to optimise 4G connectivity for the IoT. By using the available bandwidth efficiently, LTE-M cost-effectively supports mobile networks, international networks or networks that require extra signal.

This includes data transfers from mobile points such as vehicles or movable equipment. LTE-M is also crucial for medical data exchange, energy networks or wearables. LTE-M allows you to send and receive all your essential data inexpensively, securely and in a future-proof manner.

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LTE-M is in full development. Grow with it!

Smart Grids: self-regulating energy networks

LTE-M forms the basis for Smart Grids: energy networks that independently and effectively respond to the demand for energy and supply of decentralised energy.

By measuring, sending and receiving information every 2 to 4 seconds, it is possible to transfer energy more efficiently and makes it easier to restore it after a disruption in the network.



24/7 compliance to noise restrictions

LTE-M helps you meet the strict noise restrictions used in construction.

A noise monitoring company will install a single meter that transmits the number of decibels during a four-month period, determines the frequency of the noise and localises the noise. As a result, managers always have a proper grip on compliance during construction for a minimal investment.

Yet, there are more possibilities. Consider...

Soft drink vending machines

Slimm Frisdrankautomaat

Mobile payment devices


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Smart meters

Slimme Meters

The benefits of LTE-M from KPN for you

  • Lighter network use
    Cheaper chips and 4G speeds with an intelligent network make LTE-M worthwhile
  • Continuous two-way data traffic
    For devices with mid-range data speeds with Power Save Mode

  • Specially developed for the IoT
    Battery life up to 5 years, signals with wide range and voice support

Jasper Cisco Security

LTE-M connectivity from KPN manageable through the Cisco Jasper Control Center

This platform offers you the necessary tools to manage a large amount of subscriptions and the associated costs. If you want to use thousands or even millions of SIM cards, the Cisco Jasper Control Center always gives you a complete overview of your portfolio and takes action in the event of irregularities.

Benefits of the Cisco Jasper platform:

  • Manages the use of each SIM with simple rules
  • Manages the life cycle of your IoT SIM connection
  • Integrated fraud prevention in the event the SIM is stolen

LoRa, LTE-M or M2M/ 4G:

what connectivity suits your IoT solution?

4G Machine-to-Machine (M2M) provides connectivity for IoT applications that require a lot of bandwidth and rapid data transfers, such as cars and security cameras. Because it is connected to the mains, no battery is required. 

LTE-M is suitable for devices including smart meters, mobile payment terminals and vending machines. Despite the high bandwidth, LTE-M batteries last between two and five years. 

The LoRa network delivers connectivity for sensor applications, such as temperature and track-and-trace sensors. These sensors are known for their long battery life and low bandwidth usage.