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LoRa – which stands for long range, low power – exchanges small bits of information between low-energy objects and systems. This makes LoRa the perfect energy-efficient solution for use with the Internet of Things.

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  • Practical
    Easy, incidental data exchange, such as on/off, busy/idle and full/empty.
  • Energy-efficient
    A LoRa device can send and receive data for two years using just two AA batteries.
  • Cost-efficient
    Low connectivity costs.

How does IoT work?

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LoRa by KPN

It's the next step in connectivity.

Video: The possibilities are endless with the LoRa network

KPN was the first ICT telecom provider to introduce national network coverage for IoT applications in the form of LoRa. This new technology connects low-data devices to the Internet across huge distances. LoRa will one day make it possible to connect millions of low-energy and low-data devices to the Internet in a cost-efficient way. Watch the (Dutch) video for more information.

Case: Ziut

Case: Ziut

Existing lampposts can be controlled quickly and remotely through a combination of KPN and Ziut technologies. Read our case study about this collaboration and the practical advantages of LoRa.

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LoRa: a new IoT-network

LoRa is an energy-efficient wireless network of KPN for the Internet of Things. LoRa makes it possible to connect millions of devices that use little data with the internet over long distances with very low energy consumption.

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