Locate by KPN

Realtime tracking

Where is your container now? Is the excavator still at the delivery location? Tracking the real-time status and location of your valuable business assets is now possible thanks to Locate by KPN.

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Locate by KPN


  • Global coverage
    Global monitoring is now possible thanks to Locate by KPN. You can locate all of your business assets twenty-four hours a day, anywhere in the world.
  • Geofencing
    Use geofencing to locate objects from 2.5 meters to 1 kilometer. This allows you to carefully track your transport routes at all times.
  • Energy-efficient
    The tracking module has a battery life of more than nine years when used once a day.

Video: Locate by KPN

Track your business assets anywhere in the world, from cranes to rental bikes and from excavators to containers.

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Case: Container transport

Locate by KPN makes it possible to track and trace business assets around the world in real-time. This gives container carriers the perfect opportunity to significantly improve how their containers are used.

The case is in Dutch.

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Brochure: Locate by KPN

With business processes becoming increasingly complex, it's hard to monitor and safeguard your business assets 24/7. Now you can with Locate by KPN. Quick, innovative and reliable.

The brochure is in Dutch.

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