Premium HotSpots (even if you are not a customer)

Wifi is an essential service at public locations such as supermarkets, construction stores and holiday parks. KPN provides access to Premium HotSpots at more than 4,500 public locations, for everyone!

Using the service

If you're not a KPN customer you can still use KPN Wifi HotSpots Premium. You can use it for free at most locations but at some you have to pay.

Is there a pay-per-use Premium HotSpot in the vicinity?

Log in to the HotSpot and pay online, in cash or through a subscription.


By creditcard, iDEAL or PayPal. You buy the credit directly via the login page at a Premium HotSpot location.


The Premium HotSpots provider sells access codes.


Year subscription
Unlimited data for €10 per month. You pay for the subscription by creditcard.

Credit and subscription Valid after first use Price
1 hour (1 device) 1 hour € 5,-*
Day rate (4 devices) 1 day € 15,-
Midweek- /weekend card (4 devices) 4 days € 25,-
Week card (4 devices) 1 week € 40,-
Month card (1 device) 1 month € 45,-*
Six month card (1 device) 6 monthes € 95,-*
Year card (1 device) 12 monthes € 120,-*
Group card (1 day, 10 users) 1 day € 69,-*
Group card (1 week, 10 users) 1 week € 119,-*

* Only available online

How to log in on a Premium HotSpot

Follow these 3 steps:


1. Go to your wifi settings

Select the “KPN” network on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.


2. Open your internetbrowser

A login page will appear. If it doesn’t, type into your browser. You will then get the login page.


3. Click on “start” at a free Premium HotSpot or buy some credit

Click on “start” at a free location.

Is there a pay-per-use Premium HotSpot in the area? Buy credit online, enter your user name and password or a purchased code.

You can recognize the Premium HotSpots from the network name “KPN” when you select a wifi network.

When you see the network name “KPN Fon” in your settings, this means you are trying to use the KPN Wifi Fon HotSpots. You can only use this if you are a KPN customer.

Download the app for tablet or smartphone

In the app you can connect the KPN Wifi HotSpots. Subsequently, the app logs you in automatically every time you are close to a KPN Wifi HotSpot.

Extra information about using Premium HotSpots

Brochure KPN WiFi HotSpots (NL)

Leaflet KPN WiFi HotSpots (UK)

Broschüre KPN WiFi HotSpots (DE)

Brochure KPN WiFi HotSpots (FR)

You can log out by typing http://logout.hotspots into your browser and then clicking on enter. The logout page will appear. Click on logout and you are logged out.

Do you have a business location and would you like to offer your visitors a fast, secure wifi connection?

It’s annoying when you cannot log in at once. Here are some of the most frequent error codes and the relevant solution for each.

  • Error code 10: The login details you entered have not been recognized. Did you enter the right details and did you make the right choice in the pulldown menu? Please try again.
  • Error code 40: You are already logged in, try to visit a website. If you cannot, the login was unsuccessful because of a problem in the KPN HotSpots network.
  • Error code 50: The login was unsuccessful because access to KPN Wifi Premium HotSpots network on this account or this card has been denied.
  • Error code 71: The login was unsuccessful because the maximum number of participants have already logged in with this family card. Please try again later.
  • Error code 80: The login was unsuccessful because someone has already logged in on this account. It is not possible to log in on more than one device at the same time. You first have to log out on that other device by entering http://logout.hotspots in the browser.

If so, download the KPN Wifi App for iOS or Android and create an account. You can now log on quicker on the KPN Premium HotSpots.

Please contact the KPN Wifi Premium HotSpots Customer Service.

By e-mail
Send your question to We will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

By phone
Call 0800-0414 free of charge. If you are outside the Netherlands, call +31 88 468 77 68. Our customer service is available 24/7. Depending on your subscription and location your provider may charge you for calling Customer Services.