A brief explanation of KPN WiFi HotSpots


Experience the convenience of KPN's WiFi

Whether you are on holiday, on your boat in the marina, drinking a cup of coffee at your favorite café or doing something else away from your home, with KPN WiFi it’s easy to get online. You can find KPN WiFi Hotspots throughout the Netherlands. There is always one near where you are.

At a KPN WiFi Hotspot you can get online on your own smartphone, tablet or laptop in three simple steps:

1.    Choose the KPN network in the “wireless networks” settings on your laptop or cell phone

2.    Open your web browser, the KPN login page will open automatically.

3.    Enter your user name and password, or a number and a code. If it is a free location, you only have to accept the terms and conditions.

Download the KPN HotSpots app

You can also log in with the KPN HotSpots app: you enter your account details and the app connects you automatically to KPN WiFi Hotspots in the vicinity.

Choose your payment method

  • Online: credit can be purchased with credit card, iDEAL or PayPal via the portal at the location.
  • Cash: code car obtainable at the location.
  • Subscription: Unlimited data for €10 per month, direct debit via credit card.

    Leaflet KPN WiFi HotSpots (UK)