Machine to machine (EN)

M2M | Wireless service offers optimal flexibility

Technology that connects your business with everything and everyone

  • M2M stands for communication between equipment by way of built-in sensors.
  • The data analysis that comes from this communication offers valuable information for your business
  • The best network with speed and flexibility

M2M gives you information that speeds up your business. KPN M2M is the basis for innovative IT, which connects all your company processes and activities with each other. In this way KPN creates added value for you and your customers.

About M2M

M2M connects. Discover more about the KPN M2M technology.

KPN Fleet Management

Observe which M2M-services can improve the conduct of business in the transport sector.

KPN Health

Discover de M2M-services for the care sector: for better care services for your customers.

KPN Security

Monitor all of your assets 24 hours a day. It can be done, using KPN Locate.


Keep close track of your products through logistics chains, using RFID.

KPN Connectivity

With KPN Connectivity you will increase the effectiveness and profitability of your business.

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